Creative DirectorZipongo

Eating well, made simple

During his time at Zipongo, Jesse directly contributed to the creation of several products that helped people make healthier meal choices at work.

As a design leader, he consistently championed the ideas of focusing on real user problems and behaviors, testing assumptions, and rapid iterations.

He worked closely with cross-functional teams and promoted the idea that everyone has an important contribution to the design process.

Design of the Zipongo restaurant analytics dashboard
Restaurant analytics dashboard
Design of the Zipongo holistic mobile onboarding experience
Holistic mobile onboarding
Design of the Zipongo wellness platform
Wellness platform
Example interaction design for mobile restaurant ordering
Mobile restaurant ordering

Principle Product DesignerShift

Reimagining Veteran Transitions

At Shift, Jesse helped design experiences that helped veterans find careers they love when leaving the military.

Jesse was the only designer during a critical funding round. Under tight deadlines, he helped lead design and product efforts that secured a successful seed fund.

He filled several diverse roles at Shift which included significant contributions as a front-end developer and creator of the living design system.

Minimal design refresh of the homepage
Minimal homepage refresh
Design refresh of the fellows marketing site
Partners & testimonials
Typography focused branding example
Branding Exploration
Typography focused branding example
Branding Exploration

Jesse has also worked on products that reached millions of daily users at CBS Interactive and Curse

Additional work examples and walkthroughs are available upon request

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